Run Better.™

Versatile gear for whatever lies ahead

Run with confidence in any situation.

Every run varies in duration, intensity, terrain and weather conditions. HydraKlick products are comfortable, secure and easy to use so you always have what you need. 

Research shows the average run is about 45 minutes in length. Our Solo Family of products are ideally sized to carry hydration, fuel and the personal items you might need during 30 to 60-minute runs. Solo products use our proprietary sport clamp which quickly and easily grips your waistband. Grab and go with an instant, secure fit with no sizing required.

HydraKlick® lets you approach any activity with confidence. Solo products may also be combined with our Belt Intro or other gear you may have. The sport clamp slides easily over a belt, securing the belt to our waistband, eliminating ride-up. 

Whether you are running, walking, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, traveling, coaching from the sidelines or any other physical activity, we help you carry the hydration, fuel and personal items you need to get the job done.

Run better.